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Few would imagine chili cheese fries as a fine-dining appetizer, but Bachi Burger dresses up this lowbrow American classic with sweet ox-tail meat chili, bright green rings of sliced peppers, and a sunny-side-up egg, turning what was formerly known as a gloppy mess reserved Continue reading Desert Companion

— J.J. Wylie, Desert Companion

Food smackdown

ECONOMICS: Reasonable price for gourmet Asian-style burgers and fries. There were over a dozen specialty burgers on the menu ranging $8.50-$25. French fries range $3.5-$4.

ATMOSPHERE: Bachi Burger is located just a few miles south of the Las Vegas Strip. The atmosphere was sit-down casual with a modern feel. The inside had a clean and contemporary design Continue reading Food smackdown

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Bachi’s menu reads as if Harold and Kumar are in the kitchen doing bong hits. Of the six whacked-out burgers on offer, the highlight is an homage to the Vietnamese banh mi, blending beef, pork, shrimp, and pork pâté with pickled Continue reading Travel + Leisure

- Peter Jon Lindberg, Travel + Leisure

Las Vegas Weekly – April 2012

Bachi Burger Expands their Empire

Wise diners know it’s best to wait a few days or weeks to check out the restaurant that just opened in the neighborhood. Your excitement may lead to disappointment if the kitchen and front-of-house staff are still working out the bugs, and opening day may not be the best representation of the overall dining experience. Continue reading Las Vegas Weekly – April 2012

- Brock Radke, Las Vegas Weekly

Someone close to me recently pointed out that I have too many reviews in the 70-80 point range and that they’re not dramatic enough. I don’t think this is a fault of my own, but more the status of where we’re at with many of the burgers in town; a lot of above average choices, Continue reading

- Erik Chudy, VegasBurgerBlog

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Bachi Burger

Deals on Meals 2012
All good things come to those who wait, and do that you must at Bachi Burger, because Lorin Watada’s extra-thick patties take a long time to cook. However, the owner/chef, who is about to open Bachi Burgers in Summerlin and Los Angeles, makes my favorite burgers for over and Continue reading Vegas Seven

Max Jacobsen – Vegas Seven Magazine


Bachi Burger’s Lonely Bird

Bachi Burger would seem an unlikely locale for good turkey. This Asian-inspired BBQ burger joint’s menu features a myriad of red meat offerings, and the Lonely Bird. It’s a play on a traditional Japanese offering — tsukune — that’s essentially a chicken meatball; however, Bachi’s take on tsukune is a melding Continue reading DAVID MAGAZINE

- Jim Begley, David Magazine


“Fusion,” or even “Asian fusion,” can mean a whole bunch of different things, a lot of which are tantamount to confusion and a lot of which aren’t good.

Which is so not the case at Bachi Burger.

No offense to the Bachi-ites, but it seems so obvious on the face of it that I don’t know Continue reading LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL

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Bachi does burgers better

By Jet Tila

What do you get when one of Roy Yamaguchi’s top guns decides to leave the coop and setup a cool burger joint with the help of some talented family and fellow co-workers? You get Bachi Burger!

Calling this a burger “joint” is like calling Raku a plain old Continue reading LAS VEGAS WEEKLY