Food smackdown

ECONOMICS: Reasonable price for gourmet Asian-style burgers and fries. There were over a dozen specialty burgers on the menu ranging $8.50-$25. French fries range $3.5-$4.

ATMOSPHERE: Bachi Burger is located just a few miles south of the Las Vegas Strip. The atmosphere was sit-down casual with a modern feel. The inside had a clean and contemporary designwith exposed pipes for an industrial touch.

TASTE: We had the Pork Belly Steamed Buns, Kiki’s Burger and Salt & Pepper Garlic French Fries. Everything we had was delicious. Bachi Burger has over a dozen Asian-style burgers inspired from the varied Asian influences of the Hawaiian Islands using the freshest ingredients most of which are locally sourced, natural and organic.
SERVICE: The service was excellent and very welcoming. We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Lorin Watada (Culinary Director). He was super-friendly and hospitable and told us about the history of Bachi Burger and its menu inspirations. The friendly service added to our great experience.