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Eat this now!
Our favorite recent dishes that have us coming back for seconds
Few would imagine chili cheese fries as a fine-dining appetizer, but Bachi Burger dresses up this lowbrow American classic with sweet ox-tail meat chili, bright green rings of sliced peppers, and a sunny-side-up egg, turning what was formerly known as a gloppy mess reserved   for theme parks and greasy spoons into a layered dish of surprising complexity. Each bite provides bursts of contrasting flavors (with the egg and the peppers playing particularly well together), all anchored by a thick bed of fries. It’s a dish big enough to serve to an entire table, with so much going on that no two bites are the same, except for the fact that it’s all kinds of delicious. My advice: Pierce the egg right away, letting the creamy yellow yolk mix with the warm, sweet ox-tail chili, and make sure there’s at least one slice of green pepper in each mouthful.