Bachi Burger’s Lonely Bird

Bachi Burger would seem an unlikely locale for good turkey. This Asian-inspired BBQ burger joint’s menu features a myriad of red meat offerings, and the Lonely Bird. It’s a play on a traditional Japanese offering — tsukune — that’s essentially a chicken meatball; however, Bachi’s take on tsukune is a melding of chicken and turkey in a wonderfully moist patty.

My biggest qualm with turkey burgers is that they tend to be dry. Often, this is due to turkey being a low-fat protein that needs to be cooked to medium to ensure it’s done. The Lonely Bird, augmented by the chicken, is consistently juicy, however, thanks perhaps to an assist from the herb pesto. It’s simply a REALLY good turkey burger.

Of course, all Bachi burgers are served on wonderful buns. Made locally in a Chinatown bakery, and to the restaurant’s specifications, they are slightly sweet and incredibly light – perfectly addictive and the perfect complement to the wonderful patties. This attention to detail rounds out a wonderful turkey burger experience and begs the question: Can such a delicious repast truly be lonely?