There are no limits with hospitality, creativity and service.

Partners are friends that share our beliefs in food, drink and hospitality. Their efforts and contribution have given us tremendous support allowing us to focus on what we do best. We have a deep appreciation for their work that reflects genuine dedication, detail and craftsmanship.


A local Las Vegas photographer and owner of Gin and Sake Productions, he has been with us since the day we first opened our doors. Brandon has provided us with exceptional photography throughout the years. His talent and “for sale” art are displayed in a number of our locations. He draws inspiration through travel and experiencing different cultures around the globe.


Owner Michael Totah is a friend and gifted artisan that creates unbelievable custom stoneware. The combination of passion, focus and true craftmanship led to a thriving business that supplies restaurants around the world with many unique lines for specific applications. Working with him hs always been a pleasure. If you are in the area visit his operation in Leucadia, a laid back surf town minutes from the Pacific Ocean in Encinitas, California.
More on his story: Stoneware Designer


Part of our concept when we started out was to create a comfortable neighborhood restaurant with real plant like for a more lively and conducive environment. The only problem was that plants need regular love and care. Randy Morishita has been a long time supporter of our business providing live plants and flowers that enhance our establishments. He has a care and dedication that matches our own and has been a great partner for many years.


A Las Vegas local, Rick approached us with a new direction in artistry that mirrored our mindset with sustainability. His one of a kind artwork that combine genius with abstract, color and emotion are made up of 100% recycled materials that serve as a platform for his style. We proudly display his work in more than one location with all artwork for sale.


An expert when it comes to coffee and tea. Brad is the owner of Primo Coffee Company, which is based in Las Vegas. He always brings a smile and guides us to solutions based on our needs. His product has always been top notch and his service exceptional.