Why “Bachi”? Bachi is short for HIBACHI, a Japanese type of grill. Another common meaning for Bachi is karma. Treat others, as you would like to be treated. At bachi burger we have a passion for food and we love to eat. What we love is translated into what we do.

“If we don’t deliver with an unforgettable guest experience each and every time then we failed. Our only recourse is to recover and live by what we believe in. Perfection with humility is our sole purpose.” -the chef


Accentuating your taste buds and a commitment to quality is what defines us. Everything we serve is either made from scratch using proprietary recipes through extensive testing and development or exclusive products made to our specification from trusted outsourced suppliers. Our signature Taiwanese sweet bun and baked goods are primary examples. We incorporate seasonal awareness and specials throughout the year while taking great care to source our ingredients. Every aspect of what we create from our burgers to family style shared appetizers, entrees, salads, milkshakes, cocktails and signature beverages were inspired from various cultures around the world. With our beers we looked to domestic craft brews that could match our flavors with some imports to compliment. We are about creating exceptional flavors with quality products and no compromise.


Our burgers are made fresh to specification with a combination of wet aged chuck, short rib and brisket Certified Angus Beef®. We only use Duroc Pork or Kurobuta for the superior flavor profile, texture and quality that these brands represent. All of our chicken products are fresh and certified all natural.


We take great care in delivering confidence. We do this by carefully sourcing and working with the same suppliers for years. All of our vendors must adhere to strict standards governed by a supply chain that minimalizes environmental impact while maximizing sustainable methods, ethical practices and social responsibility on a national and global scale. We only work with suppliers that have the highest health safety and sanitation ratings in the industry. The personalized attention and support that we receive from our vendors allows us to focus on what is most important: Food,Service and Guests.


We believe in the principles of sustainability and environmentally responsible business practices. All of our used oil is recycled locally as a renewable energy source and food compost is transported to local farms when available. All other post consumer waste materials that can be recycled are separate daily. Due to water shortages we have adjusted our operating procedures and only serve filtered water upon request. Part of our developmental research is sourcing recycled materials or utilizing products that have minimal environmental impact during production. That is our commitment to the world we all live in.


We believe in being a positive part of the community through our involvement in charity events, donations and sponsorships. We have always supported local artisans and showcased their work. As a neighborhood restaurant we use and support local business. Please contact us you have an idea that we could collaborate on that will help our communities be a better place.